…Then “Living Life by Design” is for YOU!!

Q. What exactly is “Living Life by Design?”

A. “Living Life by Design is a fun, interactive and life-changing goal setting and achievement course, brought to you by Integress Solutions. It is taught on audio directly by Dale Marcouillier, the President and Founder of Integress Solutions. During the course, Dale will teach you not only how to set and achieve goals, but also how to DESIGN the next DECADE of your life!

Q. What does the course include?

A. The course features nearly 4 hours of comprehensive goal achievement guidance, and includes a 16-page interactive participant’s workbook.

Q. What separates Living Life by Design from the sea of other goal setting courses on the market?

A. Most goal setting courses focus on just that – goal setting. Living Life by Design is designed instead to focus on goal achievement. It’s not enough to know how to set goals – we feel that a successful achievement plan includes things like understanding your Core Values, developing the habits and routines necessary for success, managing an achievement-oriented environment, and knowing how to handle the inevitable setbacks that are bound to happen. Most other goal-related courses leave all that out!

Q. What topics are included?

A. Dale has specifically designed this course to include many topics that are left out of traditional goal setting instruction. With “Living Life by Design,” you will learn:

  • Why most goal setting attempts fail, and the psychological barriers we all face

Listen to what Dale has to say about statistics concerning New Year’s Resolution failure:

  • How to discover what your “WHY” and Core Values are, and why they are an important component to goal achievement

Hear what Dale has to say about the importance of “WHY”:

  • The five key components to goal setting that are non-negotiable

Listen to Dale’s insight concerning the “Law of Diminishing Intent”:

  • How to set at least 50 fully achievable long-term and short-term goals for the next 10 years of your life, in a variety of categories
  • How to put actions in motion to immediately transition from goal SETTING to goal ACHIEVEMENT
  • What adjustments you may need to make in your own personal development in order to make your goals a reality
  • How to set up champion habits and routines in your life that will create a powerful momentum-driven degree of achievement in your life

Check out what Dale has to say about the power of a daily routine:

  • How to review your own personal environment around you and make the subtle (or not so subtle) changes that will cause your goal achievement efforts to go from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY

Listen to Dale’s story of a 22-year old woman who took this course, modified her surroundings, and changed the trajectory of her life:

  • How to effectively acknowledge and overcome the setbacks, failure and challenges that we ALL face in our quest for optimum achievement

Check out what Dale says you MUST do with EVERY setback or failure:

  • Plus Dale’s final thoughts, encouragement, and CALL TO ACTION

Dale discusses the importance of sharing your new knowledge with others, and the impact it has on your own degree of success:


Q. Who is Dale Marcouillier exactly, and what is Integress Solutions?

A. For nearly 25 years, Dale Marcouillier fashioned a successful career of inspiring and leading team members to achievement for a number of world-class organizations. You can read his full bio here. Dale formed Integress Solutions in 2011 out of a desire to share his love of success principles and personal development with others. You can read more about Integress Solutions here.

Q. What are others saying about “Living Life by Design?”

A. Check out these rave reviews from others who have taken this course and are already designing their success!

“I took this course about a year and a half ago and it changed my life…literally. I am now living my dream in Seattle and working on my own business that I am going to be launching this summer – all thanks to Dale Marcouillier and Integress!”- Alissa, Seattle University student and entrepreneur, Seattle, Washington USA

– This material couldn’t have come at better time. I have gleaned principles from this program about designing my life and my lifework. This program has given me a renewed impetus to dream even bigger!” – Anthony Gitonga, speaker, author, coach, CEO of LEAD Consulting, Nairobi, Kenya

– “Dale has incredible wisdom and a passion for touching people’s lives! There’s so much applicable and beneficial information for anyone who wants to realize goals and dreams!” – Christie, entrepreneur and business owner, Los Angeles, California USA

– “A wonderful course that puts you in motion to pursue your goals in daily, new disciplined ways. Great to put into practice.” – Daniel, student, Biola University, La Mirada, California USA

– “Living Life by Design showed me how to set goals that work and takes you step by step how to achieve those goals with maximum efficiency.”Brandon, Casper, Wyoming USA

 – If you are interested in forgetting procrastination, eliminating self-doubt and tasting the deliciousness of success, consider this course in order to be who you truly are at your core.” – review from Work At Home Miss, January 6, 2014

– “I recommend Living Life by Design to anyone who wants to transform their lives personally, spiritually, physically, professionally, or in relationships. We have the power to take charge in our lives!” – Sharri, small business owner, Huntington Beach, California USA

– “Dale has definitely helped me understand what I need to be successful. Throughout this course, I began to see what I really want in my life!” – Ayman, high school student, Niagara Falls, New York USA

“As a real estate broker with RE/MAX for the past 13 years, I’ve attended countless seminars in personal, professional and business development. This one, however, was outstanding!” – Susan, real estate professional, RE/MAX Realty

– “Just what I needed! Thank you for sharing your gift with us! Very clear and practical content. Lots of takeaway concepts!” – Alicia, web designer and small business owner, Irvine, California USA

Q. How do I know that Living Life by Design will work for ME?

A. If you commit to listen to all ten sessions and complete the workbook exercises, you WILL achieve in ways like you never knew you could! Even with that promise, we still honor our 100% guarantee – if you follow the steps outlined in the course and after 30 days you STILL don’t see a significant change in your ability to succeed, we will gladly refund the ENTIRE price of the course – no questions asked.

Q. What do I lose if I wait?

A. Simply – a changed life in 2014 and beyond. The more you delay implementing the principles of this course, the longer it will take you to make your dreams a reality.  Don’t let the Law of Diminishing Intent claim you as it’s next victim!